Big Road ELD Review – DashLink DL-200 ELD Ratings Guide

Have you installed any ELD devices in your company‘s vehicles? If not, you are missing a lot. However, you do not need to worry because we are about to reveal one of the most affordable and easy to use ELD devices for truck owners and drivers. Have you ever heard about BigRoad ELD?  In order to use this device, you need to download BigRoad DashLink mobile app which enables you to access data from the truck’s engine.

BigRoad DashLink mobile App is a very common stand-alone app which enables drivers to keep logs on their phones. The mobile app is free to download but you have to pay some monthly charges to access the data.

Just like other BYOD options, this App works perfectly with Android and Apple tablets or phones. It enables you to record the driver’s duty status such as availability, vehicle drive time and also helps to prevent HOS violations.

BigRoad ELD Review

The BigRoad ELD does not allow 3G connectivity but is sends information via Bluetooth. It is very popular among truck drivers. Below is a comprehensive BigRoad ELD review.bidroad ELD


User friendly

One of the best things about BigRoad mobile App is that it is very easy to use. It features a display of HOS remaining time and as a driver, you can easily edit your own logs as required. You will also find that it comes with additional features such as Google map which shows location and traffic. The problem is that it does not have navigation unless you download a separate App specifically for that.


This App allows two ways messaging between the home office and the driver.  It also allows you to communicate with other company drivers through texts. You can also start a new chat through the message screen. Additionally, you can easily check the upcoming recap hours.

Apart from that, you can fax, print or email your logs from your device. There is also an inspection form which allows the driver to certify when an inspection was done. Besides that, it allows you to comment in case there are any defects.

Easy inspection

Those using BigRoad App do not have any problems during inspection because they have different tools at their disposal. The driver can produce the logs from the gadget through fax, email or print. After this, the driver will just sign on the inspection form to show that an inspection was done and then comment in case there are any deficiencies.

ELD Card

You should have a digital copy or a printed copy of this card. The card will guide you on how to use your DashLink and also what to do in case there is a problem. Apart from that, it shows you how to do a roadside inspection using DashLink. You can download your copy from the producer’s website or request to be sent a laminated card.

If you are not sure of how to install your DashLink DL-200 ELD and link it to the BigRoad mobile App, you can just download a guide from the official website. It is not a must that you should have a printed copy of this guide in your vehicle. However, you can save it in your mobile phone for easier access when required.

The best thing is that you can change your logs according to your needs.

The web App

The web App and the dashboard may look outdated but the user experience is very good. Just like the BigRoad E-log mobile App, the web dashboard is very easy to use. It comes with the most important functions for dispatchers and fleet managers.

The dashboard provides dispatchers, fleet owners and managers with real time GPS tracking and location for all vehicles which are equipped with BigRoad ELD.

Moreover, the web App allows dispatchers to send and receive messages from every fleet driver using BigRoad E-log App.

 Additional features

Another interesting feature is the report which shows the miles per state for IFTA reporting purposes. However, it lacks some important features such as downtime reports, miles per gallon, DVIR alerts, engine diagnostic fault codes can only be found in other expensive Apps.


The best thing about the BigRoad ELD is that it is a plug and play E-logging device. You can install it in less than fifteen minutes. The device is a small black box which is connected to a trucks’ JBUS diagnostic port through an adapter. It comes with connection cables depending on the model of the vehicle. The most common connection cables are 6-pin and 9-pin plug.


It uses Bluetooth instead of 3G wireless connectivity to send information to the BigRoad E-Log App. It does not use a different hardware and that is why it is referred to as Bring Your Own Device [BYOD]. You can easily download the Electronic App which transfers the engine data back to the ELD using any Android or Apple device. This provides a lot of flexibility and options to the fleet owners or managers.

Advantages Of BigRoad DashLink ELD Device 


1. Easy to use

This App is very easy to use since it provides basic functions  which makes it easy to view HOS time remaining display, you can view recap hours, and the E-logs can be edited by the driver.

It also features a large button at the top left of the screen which enables drivers to set their current status. This is one of the most preferred features among users. However, you should note that the App’s non-core features are not very strong and are not important. The map display provides night view, traffic and satellite imagery.

Additionally, it features two-direction messaging which allows drivers to communicate through texts with other company drivers or dispatchers. As a driver, you can start a new chat or upload documents and send them via email. You can also check your current location and then email the file just from the message screen.


2. Stand-Alone App

BigRoad is a well-known stand-alone App which keeps logs on phones. Recently, this company has added ELD hardware which enables the App to connect to the information in the truck engine.

The system is affordable, easy to use and simple. It does not have many functions and this makes it to be very friendly to the user.

You will also realize that there are no upfront charges unless you decide to install some mounting hardware which you can use to connect the device to the dash. You just need either Android or Apple mobile devices which has a data plan.

You can request the drivers to use their own mobile devices or get a free device with service contract and a basic data plan that costs about $15 per month but you must confirm whether the company will provide the device. This is what makes BigRoad to be among the most reliable and affordable options you can find today.


3. Advanced Technology

You will find that the BigRoad E-log App has a very high rating of 4.5 which makes it among the most popular electronic logbooks for truck drivers.

One of the best things about this App is that it works perfectly with Android and IOS devices. You can also download it for free from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play Store. Many e-log Apps have a rating of 4 stars which means it has a higher rating than most of its competitors.

One of the reasons which have contributed to the high ratings is that is easier to use as compared to others. It is also easy to learn and that is why it has thousands of downloads.

Apart from using it as a stand-alone App, you can also use it with BigRoad DashLink ELD, which sends data from the engine, and back to the App. If you are a truck manager or you own small fleets, this device will be of great help when switching to E-logs.

4. It is a pioneer in the industry

BigRoad was among the first electronic logbook Apps that were launched in the App store in 2012.  It is a favourite to many truck owners. The best thing about this App is that you can easily download it for free. However, you have to pay a certain amount if you want to access the data irrespective of whether you are a dispatcher or a truck driver.

It connects to a diagnostic port in a truck which sends the data back to the BigRoad App automatically. Despite the monthly charges, DashLink ELD and the BigRoad E-log App provide solutions to truck drives and managers at a convenient price.


Disadvantages of BigRoad DashLink ELD Device


1.It is not possible to sign different devices

You can only sign in into the App on a single device at a time. If not, it will not be easy for the device to connect. For example, when you have signed into Bigroad on your tablet and phone, the device will try to connect to the two devices. Due to this, it will not be able to connect to any of the two devices.

2.Ensure our phone is plugged in

Always ensure that your phone is plugged in when using DashLink ELD. This is because the Bluetooth connectivity is very strong when your phone is fully charged. The device may not be effective if the phone is not connected.

Low battery reduces the Bluetooth connectivity and in case that happens, the device cannot function as expected. This is the primary reason why it is advisable to keep your phone connected when you are driving or using the DashLink.



To access BigRoad, there is a monthly cost of $15 per office user or driver. However, this amount is not for the App itself since the App is free. However, you should note that this does not mean that it is a complete logging device. If you want to enjoy the full access and functionality, you have to pay $10 per truck every month.

This means the total cost per month is $25 per truck plus the cost of the mounting device though you only pay for it once. This is a good monthly price per truck as long as you do not require a lot of people to access the data since the access cost is per person.


BigRoad ELD is the best for anyone who is looking for a simple, affordable and easy to use ELD device. It takes just some few minutes to install which makes it ideal for short term leased vehicles and Owner Operator Fleets. Another thing that is worth noting is that the sales staff and the support team are very helpful.

The device provides a friendly user experience at an affordable price. It also provides users with GPS tracking, simple messaging and an impressive snapshot of the present HOS compliance. Apart from that, it provides reports which shows the miles per state for IFTA reporting.

However, it lacks some advanced features such as DVIR tracking alerts, official out-of-the box TMS integration, idling reports and MPG and engine fault codes, Workflow/Macros among other advanced features.

Another thing you need to know is that you can leave the device in the truck even in harsh weather conditions since it has been designed to last for a long time.

The company has spent a lot of time to test this device and no problems have been reported though it might be a bit slow in very cold climates.


Bigroad ELD Review

Bigroad eld tracking device is the most superior GPS enable system one can’t do without. Their device innovating department has introduced new trending for other player in the industry to emulate and follow.  Their system most dynamic market needs driven has revolutionize the whole tracking industry. The system programs are design with user friendly feature in mind. The system is so simple to operate at all level of education.

The device has also focuses on all the government requirement, vehicles regulation and standard setups features. Bigroad eld device product has an exemplary compliance performance track record achieved over the years. Their tool to achieving this state of art superior feature is as a result of their creative building smart application that encompasses data recording, maintenance and other important managerial functions.

Bigroad device collect and store data on both the device and the online clouds. This information stored at ELD device encompasses organization files. The files are so organized will all the necessary data needed for algorithm computation of variables parameters required by all the stakeholders. The ELD system has recommendable feature of data storage in both online and offline capabilities. Client only require their encryption key to access their data in all form.

Clients don’t have to worry about their data safety in data store in the clouds because; the html at bigroad is so complex even to professional malicious hackers.

The protection efficiency has been extended to cover also the client html terminal from black hart hackers. This entire wonderful security feature introduced has not change html speed. Clients are still able to brows just like before. The automated system encompasses timely response as well.

For instance, whenever clients losses their encryptions keys. They normally panic and most think that they have been hacked, they then require their password reset at plink of an eye. That made bigroad team of expert to mainly focus on their system increased capacity handling at recommendable speed.

The planet has revolved from analogy to digital data storage and communication. The old paper filling forms are not only obsolete but also irrelevant in this century. This has been facilitated by the digital capacity to be manipulated with ease; the obsolete method is now a time and brain power consuming.

To this end, bigroad device compute all their clients computations needs in real time. Every manager who has their device install have their work load cut by a significant margin. The extra time saved as a result has made them improve their overall performance. This is so as most of the time they find themselves doing research on ways to innovate their product, resulting in company performance, revenue collection and profit margin efficiency.

Bigroad eld stores data in their device in a manner that’s easy exported to other application for further analysis. Therefore the arrangement of parameter array becomes very essential. Their data innovative arrangement complies of GPS navigation codes, time, date, vehicle number and speed among other variables.

Features of bigroad eld

Bigroad device encompasses all very important features, as most of us are not familiar with computer programing tools, their superior power and its interaction protocols. As a result, the ELD has interface that’s easily understandable, to any one regardless of their academic education back ground and computer programming languages skills. 

Their device most noticeable feature is the collection and processing of federal regulation data. Their device is GPS enable with light speed capacity. The system comes with DVIR, logs and other useful features.

Fleet owner can now break even within their first year of operation in fleet because; their asset is now accountable for any penny it gathers regardless of the driver royalty to the organization values. Money laundering elimination by ELD features has also reduced users’ liabilities to their profit returns.

The drivers are now being monitored in real time with the management laptop app. This has also made staffs to be responsible and negligent is now a thing of the past. You can be astonished with the service level you get, once your drivers realise that their performance is being stream in regardless of their willingness to cooperate.

This feature has attracted the attention of insurance companies all over the globe. Now client of Bigroad can negotiate with insurance service providers for reduction of their annually premium   obligation, as they have reduce their operation risk.

ELD has no specific fleet to be mounted onto; the device once purchased can be mounted on any vehicle. The most important feature that outweighs other in this tracking industry, the managers at Bigroad device have functionality, both for company usage as well as for federal regulation usage.

Bigroad feature are outstanding, a rear bride to come across anywhere in the market. Their ELD innovative feature are all copy right protected, the use of paper logs ELDs and customer phase by phase implementation, is one of kind only found at bigroad, clients experience safety record, regulation compliance and other features withstand the test of time for the past decade.

The accumulation of all this feature has resulted in public acceptance of fleet with ELD and dislike fleet with no this extra protection tools. And fleet owners, management as well as drivers have come to realise that Bigroad ELD is a reliable device.

Advantages of Bigroad eld 

Bigroad device has reengineered how fleets are operated in this century. The previous manual data collecting, keeping and analysing has change for better, easily automatable at clients’ specification with minimal skill learning to affect the analysis needed.

One is now able to get these services at a fraction of cost. Following the reduction of components cost while ensuring service standard haven’t been compromised at any stage of innovative designing and building. The ELD clients are DOT among other features secured for decades to come.

The bigroad systems are smartphone, tablets and laptop configured. These facilitate the ELD device sharing of data with display devices and their installed applications.

The installed application on the display devices like laptops with windows 7, 8 or even 10 operating systems has catalysed data analysis capability, computation of charts, manipulation of statistical technics all to help the management improve their performance.

With ELD, vehicle theft is now a thing of the Stone Age period. The list of Bigroad device pros is actually endless and once you purchase their devices you will be forever grateful to this page Intel.

Disadvantages of bigroad eld   

As the say goes, customers are always right, although sometimes they might over expect from products. For instance, some clients have complained of ELD telematics and device inability to send e-mails. Interestingly they all have smartphone for that.

Cost of bigroad eld

Bigroad Company has a well tailor package for any client’s needs, from the free service to premiums once. Depending on your favourable plan, the entire features are standardized and there is no breach of quality base on money send to bigroad. Because of high cost of innovating, building and maintaining this sophisticated model.

The free service is only limited to a specific time duration per individual client. Then on expire of this period, the demo account will be automatically disable for clients to purchase their units model with feature they need. On the same, this demo account act like training opportunity to clients with on prior ELD device usage.

With as little as $19, you have a wonderful plan for protecting you fleet. This price doesn’t include purchase of display devices like smartphones, laptops or tablet. And to be on a safe side it’s recommended you purchase only Bigroad recommended display device.

Some competitors in our home town can be so aggressive and computer programming skills literate. With you and your drivers using unsecured smartphones terminals, your data will be an easy prey to your competitor black hart algorithm.

In the process, your competitor will always be ahead of you in every step, that’s why it’s recommended to only buy Bigroad devices including data displayers. Please note, in situation where you have more than one fleet. The cost of all the devices will be sold to you at company discount. And you will save thousands of dollars collectively.

Some organization have very tight routine, they then have very small free individual time to study ELD device on their own. In that case, Bigroad can train your staff on the device functional/ usability at fraction of market training value. Once you have all the required tools, which are ELD, smartphone and laptop under cover. You need to set some small amount to be paid monthly for service rendered per fleet and cell phone data charges.

On the some note, these prices are the only charges you will incur from the day of installation to infinity. And it’s the case because you will be covering your internet connection and maintains you display device on your own. Therefore in the event you opt to be provided with internet connection and display device be Bigroad Company, you will add some small prices for each services.

On your monthly invoice, you will see an addition of roughly $3 per additional drivers exceeding the number of your fleets declared. Also the federal information recording and retrieving come with a price tag of almost $3 monthly. And your drivers GPS usage per month totals $10 only.

Assuming you are a first time ELD use, all this price list may seems not to end and may tent to force you to opt to be ELD unsecured. We’ll all of your cost can be reduced beyond your imagination, firstly using your drivers smartphone for their access to ELD device data. Secondly have a one driver one car rule if possible. Thirdly cover your own internet cost.

To further simplify your initial cost and subsequent monthly charges. Bigroad has summed your cost in three following years, after installation of the device, royal clients’ can use this to budget their cost in this period. After an upfront fee of $199 for device related E-logs box, and a $25 per month, the total sum of $ 1,117 per fleet per a single driver is required.

While the most secured and sophisticated to hack Bigroad device come with small fee on top, this is mainly used by clients who take the current hacking capacity seriously and once their system withstand a hacking attempt.

Their value of money is achieved, hackers have no timetable to malicious infect your system hence its prudent to be on alert all year round.  With upfront of $548 and $59 per end month, Bigroad three years plan will sum to $3,032.

Installation and Connecting Bigroad ELD

Bigroad devices installation is the easiest installation you will ever encounter in the digital fraternity. All clients’ needs to do, just clicks on hyperlinks already provided. It sounds easy right? To simplify your installation further, the company packaging of your purchased device ensure you have a one stop shop experience.

This entails shipping the device with any equipment that you will need for smooth installation and operation.  That why the company normally contact the clients to find out if they should include tablets and a laptop in their clients orders.

The material one should expect a pone delivery includes ELD device, education materials including video clips, relevant cable and display equipment’s, if requested in advance prior to shipping. A pone receiving your shipped cargo, it’s a pone you to install your device to your car. It’s not a crime to consult an electrician near you, although this is real no necessary with ELD device installation. Take the cables on the shipped package and follow the instruction send vie the instructive material.

Once you have connected the cable pot 6 and 9 to their respective plug in pot. You will notice you device coming live. This means you have successfully installed your ELD system. Mount this equipment any position of your choice on your cab. In the event the system doesn’t stream data and go live, it’s recommended you contact Bigroad for further assistance.  And don’t start to try fixing the device on your own once you are certain you haven’t missed any important instruction.

At this stage, your device stream data can be access by any window enabled phone. The most suitable are the windows phone 5 and above. This phone must also have internet settings as we have discussed before and explain their function in ELD enabler. The good news with ELD device is that they don’t need specific internet services, even Wi-Fi connection is more than enough.

New bigroad clients are recommended to contact bigroad for assistance, determining if their current mobile devices usability is compatible with the bigroad platforms. This process is to ensure if clients have already devices that are compatible, then they wouldn’t have to buy other display equipment that is unnecessary. In the case your drivers are using an obsolete device then you have no any other choice but to upgrade this equipment’s.

The final stage in our installation procedure is to link your laptop to bigroad hyperlink address and open the site. Then follow the steps as instructed with the bigroad artificial intelligent system. This process will end before you notice it. The material that you will be instructed to download are all screened and verified to be virus free. And clients are advised not to cancel the process before downloads is finished.

You will be contacted with all encryption protocols by Bigroad customer care shortly afterwards. Ensure your team understand the importance of protecting this information at all times.

Q & A Session

In the Q & A Session you will get some useful Intel about their new equipment. And customer care links and contacts, if your inquiry has not been provided with any information, reach out to customer care. These inquiries are as follows.

BigRoad ELD Review


What data do ELD automatically recorded?  

The bigroad eld records all the parameters we have just discussed before in this product review.  This data are; vehicle mobility status, time, GPS location, date, fleet and driver’s performance in real time among other parameters. All the input from user is stored for future reference as well.  Regulation requirement are among the stored information on the device online clouds stored data.

How does the ELD discover driving/non-driving status?

The driving statuses are noticed by Bigroad device as soon as the changes happen. The on-board GPS navigation tracks any movement in excess of 5mm and informs the ELD to make the changes as and when it happens. This data are then accessed by fleet owner and make it easy to estimate the day revenue collection. The whole time in movement multiple by standard rate depending on our countries volatility figure means you can budgets on our fleet business for foreseeable future.

Can I edit an ELD record?

Bigroad device ELD has the best interface. The data can be edited at a time depending on organization requirements. New clients to ELD devices should know this power of editing content not only depend on user encryption key authentication, but also there are data that are off limits to editing like government required data.

Final Verdict

BigRoad ELD is one of the most affordable options but it allows only one person to access the data per month. It is very easy to use but if your company needs a fully featured telematics, this one might not be the best. You can find better options out there but most of them are a bit expensive.

You should also ensure that your phone is plugged in when using the app since Bluetooth works well when the phone is fully charged. Many people like it because it works well even in harsh climates unlike others.

Additionally, no initial costs required. You also need some few minutes to install which makes it suitable for short-term leased vehicles and Owner Operator fleets.





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