ELogs For Owner Operators – Best ELogs Devices Reviewed

The ELD mandate has gone live as it was scheduled and now it is time to take some action.  Many owner operators are asking which elogs are the best elogs for owner operators ? This mandate requires you to change your fleet’s paper logging system used to track hours of operation with an electronic device that will help commercial truckers automatically keep track of their HOS (hours of service) and RODS (Record of Duty Status) when plugging into a vehicle’s engine.

ELogs For Owner Operators

Getting an ELD that will last for several years is an important decision. However, to make your transition from paper to electronic smooth and effortless, we’ve gone and sorted through dozens of electronic logging devices to select the top five we believe will benefit your business.



E Logs For Owner Operators


Best Elogs Devices For Owner Operators Comparison


Device NameBest FeaturePrice
KeepTruckin ELDIFTA fuel tax reporting

EROAD EhuboTimesheet Report
Omnitracs IVGTamper-resistant
Coretex 360 Driver management
ELD ChromeTwo-Way Messaging


There are hundreds of factors to consider before purchasing an e log for your fleet. Below are a few things owner-operators should consider when making their choice. 

1. Ease of Use

Look for an ELD that is easy to learn and use if you want a solution that allows you to effortlessly and quickly create clean and compliant electronic logs, and pull inspection reports for DOT officers. Using an ELD provider that makes a DOT enforcement's job more accessible will help you get through inspection quickly and back on the road faster.

2. ELD Costs

Finding an ELD solution that fits your budget is essential. Prices may vary depending on the component and gadgets included. However, many ELD Manufacturers now offers reasonably priced packages since the mandate took effect.

3. Monthly Service Plan

Almost all ELD suppliers will undoubtedly bill a monthly cost. The monthly service fee usually includes IFTA reporting, ELog monitoring, Geo Positioning, data allowances, and DVIR reporting. It is crucial to pay attention to this because this month-to-month solution generally adds more cost when compared to the up-front price.

4. Installation Fee

You may need to take the device and your truck to an authorized service center at least for the first installation so that you don't have any trouble with the warranty and to ensure the installation meets specification. Some installer will charge, so it best to be aware of that and take the precaution by asking the manufacturers in advance if this fee will apply.

5. Research the Provider

Check out online consumer reviews to read what previous users think of their product so you can get a good understanding of the experience you'll have with that provider. Well-established companies often have better long-term online reputations.

6. ELD Features

Common ELD features frequently consist of general GPS tracking, Idle Time tracking, messaging, Real-time GPS tracking, essential back workplace coverage, Driver Scorecards, Driver Scorecards as well as HOS logs.  Add-on features for an additional fee could consist of trucker navigating, in-cab video clip training, dashboard video cameras, tire pressure tracking, and much more. You need to know which features you need and the ones you don't need because providers have its own exclusive features that make them unique.

7. Technical Support

Excellent technical support is required for any innovation item. It's essential to comprehend that the ELD support is not only for trucker drivers only; fleet managers will also require support. It's crucial that you can be confident that the provider you selected gives you stability support as soon as you need to reach out to a trained representative quickly. You can find a provider that offers a free trial period and test their support service before you make a decision.

FMCSA Certified ELD Provider

Remember that the ELD you choose needs to comply with the necessary ELD FMCSA requirements. However, if the ELD you have decided to pick is non-compliant, then you are at risk to be penalized, but you have eight days to change the non-compliant device before being ruled out of compliance. E logs for owner

Some trucking companies never verify if the ELD provider is certified when trying to get the cheapest and simplest ELD devices that they can find on the market to keep them compliant with the FMCSA mandate. Make sure your ELD will meet all of the FMCSA technical specifications. Take some time to check this list of registered ELDs if you want to verify if the provider or the ELD model you intended to buy is on FMCSA's list of registered ELDs.

What Are The Differences Between Dedicated ELD and BYOD ELD?

We notice that there are two basic types of ELD available when researching ELD for owner trucking company. The first one is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) while the second is called Dedicated ELD.


This type of ELD requires the driver to download an app to monitor HOS, which could be convenient for truckers to carry their ELD wherever they go. If you want to choose this type of ELD, then consider the following:

  • Drivers might forget their cell phone, and they will not be able to log the data.
  • Companies will have to pay a monthly fee for each driver, instead of per truck.
  • You will not be getting updated information if the driver's phone runs out of battery.
  • Drivers are at risk of hefty fines because they are likely to be distracted from the road while interacting with their phone.
  • You need to make sure that the BYOD devices work well for you depending on your industry.


Dedicated ELD

The Dedicated ELD remains installed in the truck. Trucking companies end up paying less fee in the end than the BYOD type. If you choose this type of ELD, then consider the following:

  • Some Dedicated ELD may lack added extra features beyond logging even though they are easy to install and efficient. We recommend asking what features might be relevant to your company before you purchase.
  • This type usually has a lockout feature that prevents driver's interaction while the vehicle is moving, which will help to avoid any fines
  • Companies will have to pay a monthly fee for each truck, instead of per driver.

Our Top 5 picks

Finding the right ELD devices compliance solution for you and your business can be tricky. The range of model types, features, prices, subscription packages and installation requirements can make a choice overwhelming. Below are our top picks for your business:

1.      KeepTruckin ELD

Best features

  • Geofencing
  • GPS tracking
  • Idle time tracking
  • Tampering alerts
  • Driver safety scorecards

KeepTruckin ELD is among the leading device in the market. This device is a pleasure to use. It's very intuitive and straightforward and has some convenient features that many other systems have missed.E logs for owner

Advanced features

The reason for using KeepTruckin cellular ELD is to allow fleet admins get; driver performance, IFTA, fault codes fuel consumption, and GPS information in real time. The ELD device uses GPS satellite time to prevent the users from manipulating their drive time. KeepTruckin also provides a way to be ELD complaint without breaking the bank.

Compliance with mandate

KeepTruckin designed their system from the beginning to meet mandate requirement, and they are self-certified devices on the FMCSA's list of dubious quality and compliance.

Price and Services

This BYOD type of ELD is considered being a very user-friendly device at an affordable price starting at just $20/month, which includes logs, DVIR, messaging, and some essential fleet management tools.  Adding IFTA reporting and some advanced features bring the cost up to $30/month.

Top-notch technology

The device will consider your vehicle to be in motion when moving at more than 5MPH. The car is stationary when at 0MPH. KeepTruckin automatically recorded your driving time if you have your mobile device connected to the ELD and have selected vehicle in the KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App.

This device can also record all unidentified driving incidence when the driver has forgotten to connect his mobile device to the ELD. It will later transmit the recorded driving time to the KeepTruckin servers once the driver connects his phone.

Customer Service

KeepTruckin enjoys a unique position as a simple and affordable device that can compete with the capabilities of the larger, pricier vendors. Their customer support team is always available 24/7 hours to resolve your issues very fast. KeepTruckin is an attractive option, most especially for fleets that are looking for low cost and easy installation process.

  • It allows dispatch to view logs
  • The app is straightforward to use
  • Affordable and it does not have an upfront cost
  • The dispatch can only edit logs
  • Smaller fleets have to pay upfront


2. EROAD Ehubo


Best features

  •  Two-way messaging
  • 100% compliant ELD
  • Automatic over-the-air updates
  • Hours of Service recordkeeping

EROAD is one of the most durable, dependable, and accurate ELDs in the market. The EROAD Ehubo is a dedicated all-in-one device with a single cable that plugs into the vehicle's diagnostic port. Flexible geofences can be set up to observe activity at essential locations.  Eroad

Compliance with mandate

EROAD is 100% ELD mandate compliant and is self-certified on the FMCSA's list.  This device has gone through a different kind of independent testing. EROAD also submitted their product for independent verification by PIT Group to ensure that the product is fully compliant with the ELD mandate, which provides their customers with more assurance.


The information it captures is highly accurate, in addition to the systems intuitive nature.  EROAD is available for around $35 per month with no up-front cost.


 EROAD's ELD features a driver friendly display and transfer capabilities for reducing administrative time and facilitating roadside enforcement. Fleet managers and drivers can easily monitor hours of service records with summaries and reports of on-duty status.

The device also provides fleet managers the ability to review and edit logs that drivers can accept on the in-vehicle display. EROAD is a top-notch ELD, and it will only continue to become more appealing as additional features are added.

Customer service

Ehubo customer support it rated very highly. Customers can get help via email, phone, or even by using the chat feature built right into the EROAD back office software.

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Truckers can make log corrections
  • PIT Group verified as fully mandate compliant
  • Loss of privacy
  • Paper logs are much cheaper



3. Omnitracs IVG

Best features

  •  Two-way messaging
  • Engine Info
  • Document Scanning

Omnitracs IVG is an industry leading all-in, full package ELD compliant solution. The fact that Omnitracs seems to view IVG is the reason most fleets take a serious look. This device is a much simpler and quicker install. Omnitracs IVG

Advance features

Users will recognize more advanced capabilities features such as n-cab scanning, dash cams, tire pressure monitoring, and much more that are available with this IVG.

Drivers can link their own smartphone to the IVG via Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing them to receive and send dispatch messages, capture document images or signatures remotely from their phone, and update trip progress.


Omnitracs IVG is cheaper than the upper-level MCPs and with almost the same advanced features available but a little more costly than the MCP50 base unit. Monthly pricing on the IVG is at around $30 for a basic plan. The up-front cost for this device is approximately $750 to $800.

Compliance with mandate

The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) is registered with the FMCSA on their self-certification list, ensuring that fleet customer with current Omnitracs solutions will be compliant with the ELD Mandate. This device tracks Hours of Service (HOS), a vital component of the ELD Mandate designed to improve safety on the road.

Top-notch technology

Installing this device require you to remove some dash panel to connect the device cable to the diagnostic port behind the dash and to attach a back-plate for the screen mount. All the standard features you'd expect from an industry leading ELD are available: logs, messaging, DVIR, navigation, engine diagnostics, and much more.

  • Truckers can make log corrections,
  • Easy Installation in 30 minutes or less
  • Flexible options for network connection
  • A few valuable features are still pending
  • Higher up-front cost than the older MCP50


4. Coretex 360 ELD

Best features

  • Easy integration
  • Advanced geofencing
  • Configurable workflows
  • Business process automation


Coretex 360 ELD is arguably one of the user-friendliest ELD solutions on the market. This device incorporates an easy to use dashboard and a full suite of ELD compliance reports for easy management and tracking of compliance obligations.  coretex driver


The initial cost for the device and service is $200, and the ongoing lease or service fees per truck are $42 per month and higher. With Coretex 360, you will have the ability to manage all costs in a bid to maximize profits proactively.

Advance features

This device includes an interactive graph and multi-edit feature for easy log editing. It's also built around Coretex Drive that offers turn-by-turn trucking navigation to single-pane-of-glass access, messaging, jobs, checklists, DVIRs, real-time driver feedback, fatigue information, IFTA data collection, tracking, vehicle service management, replay and a choice of custom applications. The combination of Coretex DRIVE and Coretex 360 makes this ELD device one the most cost-effective and powerful integrated solution on the market.

Compliance with mandate

The FMCSA-registered Coretex Drive ELD as a built tablet-based in-cab system that links vehicles to dispatchers and drivers. Working in harmony with Coretex 360, Drive gives drivers the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and safely.

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve management of incidents
  • It has a higher up-front
  • Small firms are at a disadvantage


5. ELD Chrome

Best Features

  • Engine diagnostics
  • Strong Resilient Design
  • Electronic Driver Logs (FMCSA-Certified)
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) eld chrome

Pedigree Technologies is proud to present ELD Chrome as the most reliable, intuitive, and compliant ELD solution available to transportation companies. The unique features and the full mandate compliance make this device worth considering.

E Logs For Owner Operators


Advance features

Pedigree's ELD Chrome solution offer features that you won't find anywhere else. This device was designed for actionable information and consistent real-time visibility with reliable connectivity for both the fleet manager and the driver.

It manages logs efficiently, and drivers can tap on their grid to change existing log entries. The system also has plenty of other fleet management capabilities. Typical features like IFTA tracking, safety alerts, engine diagnostics, and DVIR are all available.


Monthly fees are as low as $25/month depending on expanded applications and quantity pricing. Pedigree Technologies Cab-Mate One runs as low as $499 each when purchasing 100 or more units.

Top-notch technology

ELD Chrome supports a wide range of HoS (hours of service) rule sets including US, Canadian, and state-specific rules. When moving into a new jurisdiction, the unit can automatically prompt the driver to change rule set.

The OneView platform also come in handy for mixed fleets using a combination of several different e-log systems and is the only system we've seen so far that use FMCSA standard log file format to import log information from other systems easily.

 Customer service

ELD Chrome has an interactive training program, which is accessible from the Cab-Mate tablet for safety manager. Customers gave excellent feedback on the company's willingness to customize the system to the needs of their users and their customer service support.

  • A wide range of extra features
  • Unique Hours of Service tools
  • Strong dedication to customer service
  • It a little pricey
  • Drivers cannot edit the log


In conclusion


There are plenty of different ELD devices on the market, but the ones we've reviewed above are FMCSA Certified and will meet your company's needs. These devices will not only satisfying the present technological demands but will sufficiently sustain the current organization requirements. We hope our post on The Best will be helpful when choosing the right service for your trucking business. We hope this post will be beneficial when selecting the best ELD for your trucking business.


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