JJ Keller elogs Review – J.J Keller ELD Device Buyers Guide

JJ Keller eld

JJ Keller eld device is one of the recommended tracking devices in the market. Their resent new ELD device launch, the most dynamic tracking system in the world.  Has customer expectation in mind, the system interface and algorithm are very friendly to operate at.

The device has also all the federal regulation and requirements setups, making the product exceptional with compliance track record. The JJ Keller ELD feature encompasses all the maintenance and managerial task, all in just one tool.

The ELD device has an online as well as offline data centres. This data encompasses all the necessary individual files, containing collected information that will enable computation of performance and federal regulation parameters. The system database are easy accessible from both the online and offline services. JJ Keller eld

All one needs is the system encryption keys that are provided by the JJ Keller platform. The online data on the company web clouds are highly protected from all sorts of hacking and sniffing malicious activities. Making their client data safe code encrypted right from the user html terminal.

The good thing with ELD web interface is that with this entire security feature, the security activity doesn’t slow the system protocol respond time. As a result the ELD automated robot respond promptly to clients request and inquiry. This feature is essential at retrieving individual forgotten device or web platforms password.

JJ Keller ELD device are essential at current digital era, the data manipulation capability make their device a necessity component in all fleet on the road. This has been catalysed by the very nature of our companies’ structure and delegation of responsibilities.

For instance, most company chief executive officer has enormous duties they perform on day to day.

Manually collecting the very data the ELD device collect is not only west of their time but also obsolete. The CEO is then left with enough time to dedicate his attention on performance efficiency on all level of staff.

The JJ Keller data has proven to be essential and critical in decision making. The ELD system store data in the sequence of parameters from time, GPS location, and vehicle speed to current vehicle driver. This systematic array is a plus to organization record keeping.

Features of JJ Keller eld

The JJ Keller device has been design to be operated with computer layman and hence its interface tools are simple to use. To this end, the clients can operate them at so little education and training cost. This training is not compulsory as all operation activities are self-trained capable.

The ELD system pay much focuses on federal compliance requirements and current market’s needs. The GPS navigation capabilities and fast internet connectivity has made JJ Keller system accessible in any part of the planet.

The system DVIR together with its logs features has enables JJ Keller to make their name in vehicle tracking business.

With JJ Keller device your risk in money laundering by rough drivers and asset theft has been limited in advance.

This has facilitated the hiring of the right staff by the management. And company liabilities reduced significantly in both the long and short term, resulting in insurance premium reduction and increased efficiency. JJ Keller elogs Review

ELD feature that attract most clients is the fact that, their device is not limited to a specific fleet. The component is a multipurpose, capable of used in all types of fleet regardless of vehicle size, purpose, and model or car maker. The ELD extra feature that outweigh competitors model is that, JJ Keller model allows the management adhere to regulation and tailor their route to magnify their return on investment.

JJ Keller ELD system has outstanding features that are hard to come by in other devices. These are the use of ELDs and paper logs, as well as flexible implementation phases. JJ Keller has improved clients experience, compliance and safety for foreseeable decade.

Fleet safety feature has resulted in clients who use JJ Keller device to be loved by the general public at large. And consequently improve organization profit margins. This important feature has made JJ Keller device more relied upon by all the stakeholders including federal governments’ world-wide.

Advantages of JJ Keller eld

The registration automated serves has removed the tedious paper work. This automation has made JJ Keller industrial leader with their elimination of previous lengthy contracts filling system.

The cost of their device has fallen drastically over the years, requiring client to pay for initial cost only. With JJ Keller you are DOT secured. The system at JJ Keller is smartphone configured, enabling easy integration of mobile related devices to data reporting, electronic logging and cab performance.

ELD is a beneficial tool in our current digital revolution; it encompasses all back data of clients’ office system.  

As all the information of relevant driver and their respective vehicle are store in a manner accessible with other windows applications. Manipulation, computation and algorithmic technic are at managers’ disposal.   

Disadvantages of JJ Keller eld

JJ Keller has minimum cons, for instance the device has limited telematics capacity. Drivers also have to find other means of communication device, for send logs as the device isn’t currently configure to do that. This has led to some clients to complain about hardware usability.

  • Easy integration of mobile  
  • Detailed cab performance reports  
  • Long History In The Industry  
  • Limited telematics capacity
  • Cannot Send Logs to email currently



Cost of JJ Keller

JJ Keller ELD devices differ in initial cost and subsequent fees, the cost depend on device features and inbuilt components installed. These allow clients to choose the device that is within their financial reach. Of course the more the expensive the device is, the higher the quality.

It’s recommended you don’t go for cheap one while you can afford much sophisticated plan. JJ Keller introduces this cheap product with less fortunate clients in mind .And so there are able to protect their investment to and grow with JJ Keller in long term.

Price ranges from $199 to purchase ELD. This cost isn’t fixed on clients just like that. Clients have alternative to reduce this cost at same services. All the clients need to do is to opt for a temporal device usage. With this option of less than two years usage contract, you can bet of a free service. Cost of JJ Keller

After paying for initial cost, you the client has to buy an ELD recommended tablet at cost of $349 for data display. Finally before you are good to go, you and you staff need training on how to operate their devices. And currently the company has after sale goodies at reasonable fee on system smooth implementations.

Please note; the price discussed is for single fleet installation. And for multiple fleets may cost a little more at discount of course.

Apart from buying the ELD device, display tablet and get trained. The client should expect a monthly invoice of $25.5 per fleet. As well as another monthly invoice of £15 to settle all the cell phone charges.

Please take into account that this rate only applies to those clients who settle their own internet connections and they use their own display device. Another option available to royal clients is a monthly fee of $59 and you will be provided with ELD official tablet, this entails a further monthly cost of $33.5 for version encrypted data plan.

These price structures assume that one vehicle one driver rule, in the even that’s not the case. Any extra driver comes with additional cost of $3.5 monthly.

Tracking DVIR records and other federal compliance information will cost a total of $3.5 monthly to per fleet. The ALK cost almost $10 for monthly driver tracking using GPS.

Am sure you have already discover this secrete to lower you cost. By allowing each driver to use their smartphone as a display device is not only cheap but also sustainable in the long term as well. All drivers will be provided with encryption keys to their account on the JJ Keller platforms.

This arrangement requires an upfront fee of $199 for E-log box. And a further monthly cost almost $25.5. To assist you sum this cost for the next three years, have a budget of $1,117 per vehicle device.

For our big siblings, who are financial stable and money is no object. Am sure you wound mind to parting with a fraction of our cash for highly sophisticated malicious hacking proof JJ Keller recommended GPS navigation equipment and display tablet.

With this state of art component, comes with an upfront price tag of $548 per JJ Keller device and a monthly obligation of $59 per ELD. Now let’s sum once again to get the three year budget figure, under this period you will parte away with only $3,032.

Is this cost too high and out of reach? Then think again, the benefit and service you get from our fleet, your capital investment. You will really rest at ease with JJ Keller protection.

JJ Keller provides other critical high tech services to its clients, in this plan client’s internet data plan are covered.

With only upfront cost of $199 for device acquisition and a monthly fee of $25.4 and $15 device upkeep and running expense respectively. Summing your ELD cost for the next three years equals $1,657 only for this plan.      

Installing and Connecting of JJ Keller eld

Installation of their device is very simple and one needs minimums assistance from third party. This is the case because the company will ship to you all required material for successful installation. The material to be shipped includes caballing, installation tutorial materials, video clips instruction and our purchased equipment’s.

The installation process will normally take few minutes of our time. First read the material provided and watch the video clips. Then find the plug cable pot 9 or 6 connectors. Fix them as per instructed by the tutorial material. And now you device is connected to JJ Keller system. Mount your equipment anywhere in our cab and start to stream data.

Before running your streamed data, make sure first your smartphone is a windows operating device. Use a windows phone 5, its equivalent or above for streaming data.

Your smartphone must also be internet configured from any internet service including Wi-Fi connection will do just fine. New clients are advice to contact JJ Keller at this point to conform their drivers’ mobile phone compatibility to their new tracking equipment. If they are compatible, your cost will be reduced drastically. jjkeller

And if incompatible, you have to upgrade your drivers’ smartphone experience with JJ Keller display devices.

Lastly installation data interface apps by, click on hyperlink provided to you by JJ Keller. This will take you to their trusted site and download all equired smartphones and laptop apps from this site.

Kenly followed the laydown instruction for this undertaking task, set and wait as this will take just a few minutes. Immediately after wad, you will be contacted by JJ Keller customer care desk. On their mail, you will find your user name and password to all your clouds data and device platform accessibility.

This encryption keys must be protected by the management and staff for security of your devices. In the event you forgot them, JJ Keller has a password retrieving procedure. All you should do is to contact their customer care and after providing them with all required information. You will be given new encryption key to our accounts.         

Q & A Session

Most of the inquiry JJ Keller receives about their device is actually repetitive question. To this end, JJ Keller has dedicated an online Q & A session platform. This page is very useful to both new management and drivers. In the event your inquiry haven’t been answered on this platform.

You are required to contact customer care for further assistance. Their customer care desk is actually very friendly and their response to incoming traffic is recommendable. Some of your inquiry and the response you received may be posted on this page. For you future reference and assist to other as well.    

What data do ELD automatically recorded?

Depending on JJ Keller product of your choice, the system is an automated data collector and stores this data at an array of parameters pre-defined by device standard functionality. The parameters are; time, date, GPS location, vehicle mobility status, drivers and fleet performance in real time, maintenance schedules, licensing among other features.

The data stream is very large and that’s where the use of laptops comes into play. All of these arrays will be arranged in a manner that’s easy to read and filter. For instance managers can stream and filter a specific driver’s performance information from the pool of data.

Then grade the driver based on the algorithmic calculation and compare that driver to the rest of drivers on payroll. This tool has made it a reality for manager to quantify who is a company asset or a liability based on their individual payoffs.

Automated records includes also all the input codes by both the drivers and managers nodes terminals. The system stores this data and the person inputting the instruction unique identifier, their accessed data, their data manipulation and generated report.  

Based on user clearance level, limited inputs data like alerts among other are automatically recorded for future reference by all staffs.


How does the ELD discover driving/non-driving status?

JJ Keller eld device has been design to stream data all year round. Once installed with or without system logging, the system will always compute their algorithmic instruction.

In other wards the system hardware and its software setup never sleep unless it has broken down, which is rear with ELD device. The device discovers vehicle motion status by sending codes to GPS navigation satellites.

On receiving the feedback from this satellite, its on-board algorithm software calculates the time and satellite position received. Then the system compares this time and position with other satellite figures. And automatically discover its current position based on the satellites times and positions codes.JJ Keller elogs Review

After ELD gain its GPS position, it will then record the some as per time of computation. Therefore a tiny movement of position per whatever time frame will mean the fleet is on the move. And if there’s no change in GPS code per given time, implies the fleet is in a non-driving status.

When the clients log to device, the software will signal fleet position and motion status automatically after request of the same. ELD system is so accurate in that ant tiny change of position of just 5 millimetres will be noticed and recognised as driving status at that speed.          


Can I edit an ELD record?

JJ Keller offer minimal editing capabilities to its ELD, based on individual authorisation level. For instance, government regulation database cannot be changed by management encryption key.

As well as drivers performance and parameters used to compute the same cannot be changed by drivers’ encryption keys.

These protocols protect both the fleet owner and client using the fleet services, their breach will lead to law breach and a liability to the company bottom line.  

The device users have then parameters they can change as they feel fit to improve their performance based on their encryption level. This are mainly time /date adjusting, alerts setting/ adjusting or deleting among similar variables.   


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