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The KeepTruckin ELD is the becoming the most popular ELD on the market. This ELD is both great for the driver and the fleet manager. It has an amazingly simple user interface allowing the driver can quickly and effortlessly log their hours, read messages from the dispatcher/other drivers, and DOT vehicle inspection logs.

Keep Truckin ELD

If you’re a manager of a fleet of vehicles, then KeepTruckin has some of the most advanced features at your fingertips, allowing you to manage all of your vehicles effortlessly. The fleet manager has quick access to an online dashboard allowing them to view the whole fleet’s data and organize all the data available.

It also gives them enough granularity to view statistics for each driver, vehicle, and area. Here we will go through some of the features that are available with the KeepTruckin ELD system. After going over some of the best features, and talking about the disadvantages we will review the pricing for each package, installation, and cover some frequently asked questions about their products.

Both of KeepTruckin’s packages are fully ELD complaint in both the USA and Canada.


Benefits of Keep Truckin ELD

KeepTruckin includes all the standard features you can expect to get with an ELD. It already has all of the features that are required in FMCSA’s current mandates and in future mandates. Below we will list the more advanced features which we think makes the KeepTruckin ELD stand out for similarly priced competitors.

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Driver Scorecards
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Smart Dashcam
  • Vehicle Inspections


The IFTA fuel tax reporting is a huge time saving feature for any fleet that is going to be driving across several states. Recording and tracking mileage for each jurisdiction along with knowing all the fuel purchases can be hours of work. The IFTA fuel tax reporting automation takes out all the trouble of making these calculates and automates it all for you.

KeepTruckin will automatically track the mileage for each jurisdiction, allow drivers to upload gas receipts directly from the app, and will generate ready-to-file reports that will have no clerical errors.

With a fleet of more than one driver it can be difficult, if not impossible, to monitor every driver’s behavior on the road and ensure they are driving responsible and safely. The KeepTruckin ELD monitors the driver’s driving style and flags any points of excessive acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and speeding.

These factors create a driver’s scorecard, assigning a numerical value to each driver creating an easily rankable system. Each category that goes into a driver’s scorecard starts out as being weighted equally,

but KeepTruckin allows you to adjust the weighting of each factor so you can adjust a driver’s scorecard to reflect what you feel is most important to driving safely.

As a fleet manager one of the biggest ways to maximize your profits is to increase the utilization of each vehicle. If you have a vehicle that is spending a lot of time idling where it could be spend transporting goods, than there is a way to maximize your profits by increasing your utilization.

KeepTruckin can use it’s ELD to monitor when a vehicle is idling. KeepTruckin combines this idle tracking with who the driver is, and where the idling occurs. All this data is then sent to their dashboard showing you who are the greatest offenders, and where idling occurs the most.

Having all this data at your fingertips and using KeepTruckin’s reporting and organization methods, makes it very simple to see trends in idle time and come to the quickest solution on how to increase vehicle utilization. Sorting by driver also allows you to know which drivers are the greatest offenders so you can coach and mentor drivers about proper idling.

Since the KeepTruckin ELD connects directly into the vehicles computer, it has all the information available instantly. If the vehicle shows a fault code, the ELD will instantly notice and send a flag and notification to the fleet manager.

This allows the fleet manager to remotely monitor all the vehicles in their fleet and to schedule maintenance when required. KeepTruckin will also log every fault a vehicle sends, which makes it very easy to catch important issues faster and see where repeating issues occur.

All of this is done automatically so you do not need to have the drivers worry about any of the fault codes, or rely on them to remember which codes occurred during each trip.

Not all of KeepTruckin’s benefits are designed for the fleet manager. There are plenty of other features that are designed to make the drivers’ lives a lot easier and allows them to focus on their driving without an extra thought on compliance codes, reports, or anything else.

Since there is always the case of an accident on the road, having a dashcam can be a critical piece of equipment in determining fault and examining the accident. Having real time video of a driver can be used to accurately rate how safe a driver is, and this video can be provided to insurance companies to help lower insurance costs.

As any driver or fleet manager knows, having accurate vehicle inspection forms are extremely important to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of violations.

KeepTruckin will create custom inspection forms taking all the headache out of routine inspections. These inspections forms are created for each vehicle and for anywhere the vehicle operates. The fleet manager can setup custom alerts for specific vehicle defects, whether for a specific vehicle or for the entire fleet.

For the drivers, a vehicles inspection history can be viewed for any vehicle before they start driving. The inspection checklist in the app is fast and thorough. There is a prebuilt checklist to indicate severity and can have added photos to clarify any misunderstanding.

All of these features, are designed to be very simple and intuitive for anyone to use. The drivers no longer have to worry about keeping up with their inspections for each vehicle, worrying about fault codes, or keeping track of their fuel receipts.

KeepTruckin designed their app to make all of this effortless and simple for any driver. Your fleet manager(s) will also enjoy all of the included features in these packages. All of these features are designed to allow the manager to not have to spend their time creating reports, and making sure each vehicle is complaint.

Now the manager can ensure the drivers and vehicles are being used in the most optimized manner. They are given advanced reports on inspections, idling time, and drivers’ scorecards. All of these statistics are automatically calculated saving the manager from doing the monotonous calculations and maintenance of outdated spreadsheets.


  • Pricing is not as favorable towards smaller fleets
    • The pricing is shown as monthly but is billed annually. This can be a higher upfront cost than some smaller fleets would want to pay upfront.
  • Unable to track short haul range exception
    • KeepTruckin doesn’t allow for real time tracking which misses this exception
  • Dispatch can only edit logs after the day is complete
    • This puts more pressure on the drivers to correct any mistakes made
  • Lacks multilingual capabilities
    • Only offered in English
  • Currently not as many advanced features as more expensive competitors
    • There are more advanced ELD systems out there that offer a wider range of features but at a much higher cost

With these disadvantages we think the KeepTruckin system is still a great option. They are continuously working on new features that will be added to optimize every possible route and driver or vehicle usage. They also offer 24/7 customer service so you don’t have to worry about misunderstanding something and getting reports wrong and receiving fines for failing compliance.


KeepTruckin offers three different options, each of which are billed annually but given as monthly values. The first pricing option is free but offers the least amount of features and does not offer ELD compliance. This pricing point only offers vehicle inspections, electronic logs and messaging.

This option should only be considered if you currently have another ELD systems that is lacking these specific features.

The next package KeepTruckin offers is listed as $20 a month. This system is fully ELD compliant and includes some of the standard features you would expect: such as, GPS tracking, alerts, vehicle inspections and electronic logs.  

This package does not include any of the more advanced features to generate reports and to help optimize your fleet’s time.

The third and final package KeepTruckin offers is their plus package which includes every service they offer. This package will generate all the reports you will need, and will allow the fleet manager to monitor every vehicle and driver to find any areas in need of increasing efficiency.

We would recommend this option for any owner of all but the smallest fleet. With the plus package you get access to all the great features KeepTruckin offers, which we think will pay for itself in increased efficiency and utilization.


KeepTruckin’s ELD is very simple and fast to install. When one of the ELD complaint packages is purchased, along with the ELD itself you will receive various connection cables to easily attach the device to each vehicles computer. The device plugs directly into the computer through a port that is easily accessible in the dashboard.

The connections provided cover almost every type of port. Once the device is installed, each driver will have to download a free app, which is available on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play. These apps allow the drivers to create an account and sync all of their data with the fleet managers’ dashboard.

The app allows drivers to message each other, and the fleet manager(s). It also allows them to pull up their vehicles inspection reports, log hours, and more. All of this is made incredibly straight forward so the driver doesn’t have to waste any valuable time on pesky record keeping.

To view all the information coming from each vehicle the fleet manager is given access to an online dashboard. This dashboard allows them to monitor everything that is happening with the fleet. The features available will vary based on what package is purchased.

By making the dashboard an online tool, this saves the fleet manger the hassle of downloading and installing an application, and tying the manager down to a specific workstation.


Can you get the AOBRD system so you can change stuff like the compliance mode threshold from 5mph to 15mph?

If the ELD is installed pre-mandate cutoff date, then it is easy to switch to AOBRD compliance mode threshold from 5mph to 15mph. If it is installed after the mandate than it is already preconfigured for this, but all settings are up to your discretion to change.

Will this ELD be compatible with my older model of vehicle?

Yes this system should be compatible with any vehicle that can support an electronic logging device. Only thing you might have to do, is contact KeepTruckin to get a custom connection wire that does not come standard in the box.

How does the Smart Dashcam work?

When the KeepTruckin ELD detects a critical event, 10 seconds of HD video before and after are sent to the KeepTruckin Dashboard for your review.

Keep Truckin ELD Bottom

Is Smart Dashcam compatible with my KeepTruckin ELD?

Smart Dashcam is only compatible with the new Cellular ELD (LBB3ca). When you purchase Smart Dashcam, we will upgrade your ELD device, at no cost.

How does KeepTruckin track hard braking, hard cornering, and hard acceleration events?

The KeepTruckin ELD has a vast array of sensors to arrive at the most accurate possible measurement of hazardous driving events. The ELD includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, speed sensors, and other connections to the vehicle's onboard systems.

How long does the vehicle need to idle before for an idling event is recognized?

When a vehicle is stationary with the engine running for over 10 seconds we track an idling event.

What data is available on idling events?

KeepTruckin tracks start time, duration, location, and fuel consumed.


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