Rand Mcnally Eld Review – Detailed Buyers Guide

Rand mcnally is the best when it comes to innovation of trucking devices. Their new ELD was recently introduced in the market. The device has customer friendly features that are in excess of system compliance requirements. This optional feature encompasses the management tools and maintenance.

The systems online data centre encompasses files of individual information that facilitate collection of all data required by federal regulation. This information are easy available to anyone with necessary encryption key.

The data are all stored on highly secured clouds and the interfaces are prompt at sending feedback. This is essential while person is retrieving forgotten encryption key. ELD data are a must have devices in this digital era.


For instance, the management has very useful information essential for decision making. These are idle time records, speeding, location and many more.

With all of this data, the management has a tool at their disposal for improving day to day operation. Also all of this operations are automated and a plus in record keeping to the organization.

ELD customers can now rest with ease knowing that their interests are well protected with high tech tool.  This is the case because; the ELD system is like a plain black box, a plugged in diagnostic port.

The data on this system can be display using a variety of devices from tablet or computer to smartphones. Rand mcnally ELD platform is an all in one data solution.

Features Of Rand Mcnally Eld

The device and its software interface are very simple to operate. As a result the user has no need to pay for any operation tutorial. The system primarily focuses on regulatory compliance as well as innovative tools that are market driven.

This navigation add-on together with GPS tracking capabilities has made ELD system accessible at comfort of once home. Also the system has DVIR and the logs features as the product core pillar in compliance.

With Rand mcnally ELD device you are able to minimize risk beforehand. This feature has enable clients liabilities reduce drastically and hence reduce insurance premium in the long term. The devices usability is not limited to a specific vehicle and clients have the privilege of multiple fleet.

Regardless of the vehicle make up model, size or manufacturing company, the device extra features allows management to make their fleet profitable and adhere to all the regulation compliance.

One of the main features that stand out in Rand mcnally ELD, the device uses both paper logs and ELDs. Clients have also option of gradual implementation. Rand mcnally ELD has improve the client’s safety and compliance over the years.

The safety index has made clients fleets a better choice to the public and hence improve the company bottom line.

Clint’s data on the devices are very easy available and the system interface are as friendly as possible. Making their data relevant in digital era, and that’s the main reason federal institution all over the world are increasingly introducing this devices on their roads.

Advantages Of Rand Mcnally Eld

One is required not to feel any paper work. The client only pays for the initial cost of the devices and they are good to go. The lengthy contracts that require the advice of an advocate before filling has been eliminated.

This has made Rand mcnally the leader in the industry of tracking when its DOT compliance is involved. With Rand mcnally you can be rest assured that you are on the safest side on DOT requirements.

A part from that, the system is able to easy integrate with mobile devices to electronic logging, electronic DVIRs data reporting with EOBRs, in-cab performance among others. What make a Rand mcnally a must have tool, its part of encompass back data office system for mainly compliance management.

Rand mcnally offer all relevant data that federal government and management may require on the vehicle and drivers performance in one site. This is very important when one wants to manipulate the data to perform al sot of analytical analysis.

With analysis tools at management disposal, the faster decision making process has resulted in managers having an easy time making the right operation at the right time.   

Disadvantages Of Rand Mcnally Eld

ELD has limited data telematics features, not to mention drivers cannot be able to send email logs directly from the device. Some users are complaining off usability and hardware issues.

Costs Of Rand Mcnally Eld

The initial cost of Rand mcnally devices ranges from as little as $199. This cost is even lower if the user of these devices wants to use it for temporal period of time. This may be  the case when the truck drivers wish to install their own devices. Then it may be very cheap or even free for a 2 years hardware usage contract.

ELD official tablet which is not a compulsory requirement goes for as little as $349. With this amount, client will also get after sale offer of training and implementation at reasonable fee. Depending on client’s size of fleet, it can cost up to thousands of cash.

Apart from that, clients are billed monthly at $25.5 per vehicle. And that is if the client has his own display device. In addition to monthly fee, the client has also a $15 monthly bill to settle for covering cell data. That’s if the client has they own display device and have to settle their internet connection.

Another alternative to clients is to use the official ELD tablet and pay $ 59 monthly per vehicle, this include $33.5 every month for Verizon data plan.

On the some note, if your company has more drivers than vehicles, then your extra drives will cost you $3.5monthly. Tracking of individual DVIR records as well as other compliance information per trailer will normally cost you $3.5 monthly per respective trailer. The ALK co- pilot cost ruffle $10 monthly drivers navigation GPS.

With Rand mcnally, the cheapest services will be through the uses our drivers’ smartphones. Each driver will then be required to access the services of Rand mcnally platform with their smartphone.

With this arrangement you will pay upfront $199 for Rand mcnally E-log box and monthly fee of $25.5. To sum all this in three years, the client will have part with $1,117 per respective device.

For clients who money is not a problem, and would mind spending a little more to ensure their tracking data isn’t compromised at any step. Then using the Rand mcnally recommended tablet plus the co-pilot GPS navigation system.

With this high tech equipment will cost you an upfront of $548 per device not including a monthly fee of $59. Summing this cost for the next three years will result in you paying a total of $3,032. This may seem a huge figure to incur, but when you calculate the vehicle in question total purchase cost and the return per day, then you will see the point of incurring this tiny cost to protect your investment.

The Rand mcnally also provide a high tech device that come with data plan. With this device client has to pay an upfront initial cost of $199 to be followed with $25.4 and $15 monthly cost for upkeep and running cost. By summing this high tech three years total cost will amount to $1,657 only.

This is the most affordable compared to any other device in the market. The actual initial cost of purchasing these Rand mcnally devices varies with the product that fit individual clients’ needs. For this reason, any clients will need to check which device fit their pocket and needs.  

Installing And Connecting of Rand Mcnally Eld

Rand mcnally device together with all the necessary equipment’s including cable will be packaged and shipped to clients’ location. The installation tutorial or guide together with instructional video on a CD-ROM will be packaged with the tracking device.

The installation procedure normally takes between 10 and 30 minutes on average.

On the manual tutorial guide you will see the plug in pot 6 or 9 pin connector and where to plug them, after that you can mount them anywhere you wish in the cab.

Your PDA, tablet or smartphone must be running windows operating system. The device must be a windows mobile 5 or above.

The phone must also have access to the World Wide Web, either from Wi-Fe connection or data plan connection. Immediately after installation the next important step is, conform to Rand mcnally if you drivers’ mobile phones devices are compatible with our tracking device.

If compatible, your cost of installation can be reduce significantly, both in the short term as well as in the long term. While if incompatible, and then upgrade your devices together with that of your drivers to the Rand mcnally recommended devices.With this tracking technology, you and your driver have to have display equipment.

To that end, if for instance your drivers has no access to laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your priority number one is to buy one for them to facilitate tracing of your asset at real time twenty four hours a day. While shopping for this device for your drivers, one should have it in mind that purchasing this with no prier data plan will be costly in the long run.

Therefore, purchasing Wi-Fe enable PDA, phones or tablets is recommended.  The final step in the installation process is to follow the hyperlink provided. Click on this link to download your laptop or smartphone setup software.

Then follow the instruction to install this download system to your device, this may take few minutes. Once you have finished all of this procedure, you will be provided with unique identifier and encryption key to enable access to the system.

The password and user name must not be share with anyone to protect them. If you for instance forgot them, then you can retrieve them from the Rand mcnally web.

Q & A Session

For any inquiry, feel free to visit Rand mcnally web page. All the information about the product is clearly explained on their page. The shipped package has also very use full information that a client’s needs to be informed about.  To add to all of that, clients can contact Rand mcnally customer care centre.

When it comes to Rand mcnally device inquiry, your inquiry will be responded promptly and recorded for future product improvement. Here is some of the most asked inquiry in recent year to assist answering some of your questions.

What data do ELD automatically record? 

Depending on Rand mcnally you choose, the device systems are able to store data automatically as per standardized functionality.

This information includes hours of service, drivers qualifications, hiring persons at real time, licensing, tracking drivers performance, GPS locations data feed, maintenance and much more.

All of this data on all the vehicles and divers can seem to be too large to analyse, if you think so then you are mistaken. The data is very simple to filter because; clients can plug into the device with their laptop or smartphone and mine all the data.

This download data from the device can then be imparted to windows spread sheet. And with data on spread sheet all sot of calculation can be easy be automatically computer, correlated and analysed.

The pre-recorded data can also include drivers or managers’ data feed in into the Rand mcnally device. This data is then automatically being recorded in the ELD system and manipulated as per defined by manager or drivers instructions.  These are mainly alert and reports configuration set ups.

How does the ELD discover driving/non-driving status?                                                       

The device is able to compile data with or even without system electronic logging. Its on-board recording software and hardware run twenty four hours all year round.  The data can be accessed regardless of the driving status.

Although some other data that require the status of the vehicle to be mobile like speeding or driver performance can only be accessed through stored data. This is the case, because for this data to be collected, the vehicles need to be in motion.

When the management log in to the device data, the status of the vehicles will be automatically signaled. The information on motion status is so accurate that the manage germinal at a profit.

ELD is able to know the entire stop over, where in town and for exact time duration per stop over respectively.

Therefore the management cannot be misled by rouge drivers that the vehicle has broken down while the driver is actually making money for themselves.

The GPS location pining and time in that location calculation has enabled the management to set the device to alert if the dormancy or driving triggers their rest or drive rules. This is important if the driver is for instance required to make several stop overs while transporting life animals from one location to another.

The case is some also if the vehicle is for public transport and therefore the driver is required to make several stops if they are no in full capacity when reaching designated bus stops. And carry more clients to break even and reach the final te

Can I Edit an ELD Record?

Editing of ELD depends with th e nature of the task to be edited and the clearance encryption key level. For instance all the federal requirements cannot be edited by the management password, as their editing will breach the federal laws and quid lines. 

The management has some functions that they can edit, the management limited power to what they can edit are minor issues like time or day, alarms adjusting among others.

When buying these devices the buyer and the seller are not on the some geography and their time stamp is also different. Therefore the management has to adjust the time that is relevant to their location. On the some note the management may wish to be alarm if the driver goes to off-road or change route/destination.


The uses of this encryption key protect the management from incompetent drivers, who are reckless and may edit their performance records. If it was not for the password protection of data, drivers might change route for their selfish reasons and don’t inform the management.

The driver has his clearance level and the data they can access with their password. This is to facilitate them to observe their day to day operations, identify their mistake and correct them in the future and hence the overall performance improvement with time.

Drivers also have some function that they can edit. For instance they can edit alarms to inform them if they exceed the recommended speed limits or their predefine speed limit.

With time the driver can use his records to negotiate for a better pay, as the employer is able to look at the drivers as asset or liability to the company structure.



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