What Is ELD – Eld Mandate Facts Reviewed

Electronic Logging Device (ELD or E-Log) is US Department of Transportation (DOT) certified electronic devices that link to the vehicle’s engine to register hours. It contains a screen for the driver to allow them to monitor their present status along with the capacity to print hour logs when entailed by DOT inspectors.

Discovering the right ELD device compliance solution for you & your business could be tricky. The array of model categories, costs, subscription packages plus installation prerequisites could make the decision overwhelming for a carrier.

However bear in mind, ELD devices ought to be purchased as early as possible to get ready for the Dec 18th compliance date. Whilst price might be top of mind, and getting a compliance solution that matches your budget is essential, remember that a few of the cheaper solutions available on the market might not have the best features to accommodate yours necessitates.

Picking An Electronic Logging Device

Below are a few top tips to assist you in selecting the most effective ELD for your business:

  • Make sure it is really a registered ELD device
  • Investigate the supplier
  • Think about installation & operation
    • Telematics
    • Plug & Play
  • Evaluate Pricing
  • Sign-up/Activation fees
  • Equipment
  • Installation fees
  • Monthly service fees

Most Significant

  • Ensure that the precise ELD model you’re considering is on FMCSA’s listing of registered ELDs. The sellers with this list have self-rated that their tool is acquiescent with all the ELD technical specifications, also listed every ELD model with FMCSA.
  • Take a couple of minutes to analyze the ELD provider via checking with the Better Business Bureau plus taking a look at online reviews for their products & customer service.
  • Whilst numerous ELDs may engage in a Fleet Management System (FMS) or contain FMS functions, there’s no prerequisite for Fleet Management functionality. An ELD that fulfills with FMCSA requirements is what’s needed by the ELD regulation.

ELD Device General Cautions


Countless plans are containing data within their base monthly fees. If your plan doesn’t comprise data, keep this in your mind since the ELD will consume plenty of your monthly mobile phone data charges, and can result in an unanticipated cellular phone bill shock.


Look out for biased reporting which could attempt to sway you to buy one device or another citing security alarms. The sole parties who’ve access to the Elog info on an ELD are the carrier firm & the driver. In case a driver is pulled over by the DOT, and the info is demanded, they must create a report on the basis of the time period that’s requested.

This report could be supplied to the DOT through USB (for Plug & Play devices) or by email for telematics devices.  When you have some other security concerns, seek advice from the provider for their security measures over the board, from manufacturing to software & hardware, data transfer, plus data storage.


Ordering & acquiring equipment, booking appointments for installation. Industry experts are now reporting on a 3 to 5-week product delivery time. Additionally, you must account fully for installation appointment times. To be safe, order your gadget now & book your appointment for installation when possible.


The majority of telematic devices have a lifetime guarantee. Though numerous companies are offering a promo tablet with buy, and the warranty will often differ from that. Ensure you are conscious of what the guarantee covers and for the full time it covers things for prior you make an acquisition.


If the device does stop operating for reasons unknown, you’ll need to have the ability to get assistance right away. Because of this, a lot of carrier companies & owner-operators are deciding on local providers from their house base, or at minimum North American providers. The cost might be higher for these suppliers; nevertheless, the peace of mind they feature in terms of coping with malfunctions is worth the additional cost.

5 Best ELD Devices


DriveELD is the simplest to utilize ELD solution costing just $99 annually, per truck. No hidden charges, no long-term commitment, and each driver is free. It even provides a 30-day cash back guarantee, in order to test the solution risk-free and see if it fits your requirements.


  • Compact & durable.
  • Syncs through Bluetooth
  • Setup takes just a few minutes.
  • Hours of Service (HOS) logging abide by FMCSA ELD mandate.
  • Free DriveELD app accessible on iOS & Android devices.
  • Interfaces with cellular devices without interfering along with your cellular connectivity.
  • Records real-time info on the unit, and steadily stores data via cloud-based


Up Front Monthly 3-Year Total
$99 $0 $297



Just plug the unit in the port and it will soon be ready to pair with the Mobile App. No exclusive in-vehicle wiring or in-person installation needed. The PT30 device is sturdy and the long cable could sit anywhere in the cab. It will remain out from the driver's way.

Encrypted data through the entire ELD platform & secure pairing protocol on the unit was created to stop unauthorized utilization of the system. On-device storage guarantees that you won't misplace your driving data even when the mobile device loses connection.

The moment you reconnect, the driving records are certain to get caught back up. The PT30 works for each chief truck maker: the unit backs all J1939 vehicles & most OBDII ports.


  • User-friendly
  • simplest flowing system
  • Awfully affordable
  • Intuitive & time saving
  • Easy Log Management
  • Breeze via stops
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Eradicate paperwork


  • Customer care requires some improvement
  • VDO RoadLog

VDO RoadLog ELD from Continental is amongst the few FMCSA registered ELDs that can be acquired without any monthly fees. It could transfer log data via wireless, USB transfer, or an instantaneous paper log from the integrated thermal printer.

RoadLog ELD works together with the compliance coverage plus fleet management instruments that Continental calls VDO RoadLog Office. It can also be available without monthly charges.

RoadLog users can decide to spread the price of their RoadLog framework out above thirty-six months with the FlexPay course. Following 36 months, the consumer owns the ELD.


  • Drivers can trace pre- and post-trip inspections (DVIR) onscreen
  • On-duty, Sleeper Berth, Driving, plus Off-Duty status are traced automatically
  • The capacity to map vehicle's travel
  • RoadLog ELD offers automatic recording for IRP, IFTA miles-per-state, also electronic logbook compliance
  • Data entrée is protected via key & RoadLog USB Keys, also digital signature make sure the authenticity/integrity of all data
  • Supplies 100% ELD mandate compliance


Up Front Monthly 3-Year Total
$249 $0 $249


You will need a cable for every VDO RoadLog ELD or VDO RoadLog ELD Plus. Select the cable with a pin connection that harmonizes the connection in the vehicle.

The cable is available in a kit that features cable, adhesive pad, mounting bracket, wire ties, plus screws, in addition to the VDO RoadLog Electronic Driver Logs cab door sticker.


  • Exceptional setup
  • Works flawlessly
  • No monthly fee
  • Enormous tech support


  • The product isn't user-friendly
  • A number of units lack personal conveyance
  • EROAD Ehubo

EROAD's Ehubo is amongst the most all-around high-class devices available on the market at the moment. The hardware is powerful as well as reliable, the software is simple to use, and the info it captures is extremely accurate.

Although it is affordably priced, you will find cheaper systems out there. And whilst it has a lot of nice extra features, you can find systems on the market with increased bells and whistles. However, for a straightforward, dependable, user-friendly ELD, EROAD is extremely tough to beat.


  • Solitary in-vehicle device
  • Uncomplicated to adopt and undemanding to use
  • FMCSA registered, 3rd party verified
  • All-in-one solution
  • Safe, consistent, precise


Up Front Monthly 3-Year Total
$0 $35 $1260




Utilizing the OBD-II Bluetooth connection permits light vehicles to make use of ELD technology. A dongle offers the connection to the ECM and plugs into the OBD-II port. Ground, permanent power, together with ignition is achieved utilizing the 3-wire installation process.

The Ehubo necessitates a permanent power source and a great view of the sky to work optimally. The curly cable ought to remain above the dash. You have to run the Install Wizard to accomplish your installation on vehicles by having an OBD-II adapter.

The Install Wizard displays a note that it's checking for updates. Evaluate the instructions as well as diagrams carefully prior you start.


  • Durable & user-friendly
  • PIT Group verified as completely mandate compliant
  • Exceedingly accurate
  • Best fuel tax tracker available on the market


  • Tinier screen
  • Business hours support
  • Konexial My20

The My20 ELD by Konexial is the cheapest cost ELD available on the market as well as #1 rated ELD on Amazon. No extra hardware is required accept you're Android or Apple Smartphone as well as the free My20 app which is often downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Their personalized customer service team is available to steer you through setup in addition to daily use.


  • Most reasonably priced ELD
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy-to-use
  • Dynamic load matching
  • 100% FMCSA approved & DOT certified


Up Front Monthly 3-Year Total
$130 $15 $670



Download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store Marketplace. Set up the My20 devices to the ECM (diagnostic port). Link up your My20 ELD to your cell phone by means of Bluetooth.

At this time you're ready to transmit data, audit logs, and manage your fleet, in addition, to reporting IFTA fuel taxes.


  • Straightforward to use the product
  • Bluetooth is strong
  • Immense Customer Service
  • Plug-n-go


  • Hardware is incredibly minute
  • BTS (Blue Tree Systems)

BTS is a huge player in the global telematics market for the past 2 decades. Best noted for their reefer monitoring services, BTS has always dedicated to large fleets. With the opening of their primary Electronic Logging Device, it would appear that focus on bigger fleets has remained.


  • Simple to use
  • Fast to learn
  • No annoyance roadside inspections
  • Live status & detailed info
  • Permit drivers correct their logs
  • Electronic pre & post trip DVIR
  • Forever in sync with the driver
  • Easy log editing
  • Automate IFTA compliance


Up Front Monthly 3-Year Total
$995 $40 $2435


BTS's first ELD is intended to be used in combination with either a Garmin or perhaps a TomTom display device. The display tool connects by means of WiFi to Blue Tree's BT500 hardware, which plugs into the automobile to record motion & engine data. It contains standard features such as for instance logs, messaging, DVIRs, navigation, engine codes, as well as IFTA.

The app features a nice design by having a simple to navigate UI. Nevertheless, there's a significant feature necessitated by the ELD mandate that's inexplicably left out. Drivers cannot email or fax their logs from the tablet. The everyday recap hours for the forthcoming week are strangely difficult to find as well. This might disqualify it from being functional.


  • The novel, contemporary ELD hardware
  • Tenders relevant highlights for reefer fleets
  • Integrated navigation supplied by Garmin or Tomtom
  • Could be installed incredibly discreetly, and seems difficult to get rid of or tamper with


  • Very costly
  • At present missing features entailed by the ELD mandate
  • Have to make use of multiple versions of the product to gain access to all features
  • Challenging to set up


That ought to be all you need to learn to make an informed choice with reference to an ELD which will suit your business as well as operating requirements.


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